The 5 Rules of a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel programs are truly brilliant inventions. Not only do they help to meet business goals, but they also excite and inspire your employees. Many business owners are anxious to find a way to implement an incentive program as part of their business endeavors. Unfortunately, many programs fail due to their creator’s haste and negligence.


There is a certain amount of due process necessary to set up an incentive program with the potential for success. We have collected a list of five essential factors that you must included in your incentive program for it to be worth any of your time and effort.

These simple steps are what have separated the truly powerful programs from other embarrassing failures.

1. Set Goals

If you don’t know what you want the final outcome of your program to be, there is no way for you to properly construct and plan a system that will accomplish anything beneficial. With an ultimate goal in mind, you can strategize the requirements, plan a motivating incentive, inspire your staff, and grow your business.

So, what do you want the results of your program to be? Do you want to energize and inspire your employees? Are you looking to grow and expand your business? Would you like popularize your brand name and reach more clientele? Is your goal to boost revenue? Be specific about what you want the final product to be, and we can help you design an incentive program to achieve that end.


2. Keep it Simple

Setting up your goals is a critical first step because everything after that point depends on the clarity and exactness of your designated goals. As your incentive program is developed, things can very easily become complex and detailed. It’s easy to start trying to spread your team and resources too thin and juggle too many projects at once. If this happens, your program loses momentum and effectiveness.

Instead, keep things simple. Painfully simple, if that’s what it takes. Your employee’s task of reporting and recording should be easy and simple and any progress should be quickly visible. Keep it sweet, simple, and unambiguous, and you will have more willing participants and more powerful results.

3. Compatible Rewards

Choosing the right reward for your incentive travel program is critical. The right reward is what puts gas the tanks of your employees and gives them energy to work and meet the program’s goals. If they do not find the reward appealing or desirable, they will find little reason to expel the energy it takes to push your business to reach those goals.


What does it take to choose the right reward? Know your employees. A simple analysis their goals, their lifestyles, their financial situations, their needs and their priorities will give you a good picture of what kind of a reward they would find desirable. The degree to which you understand your team will determine the success of your program.

4. Strategize

Now it comes down to the program itself. Depending on current business situation and the desired goals, every program is going to look different. Ultimately, your must strategize your program to meet your goals while inspiring your team. This takes careful planning and time to predict, anticipate, and analyze.

5. Keep it Motivating

All of your hard work and effort can go down the drain if the program is demotivating. Your program requires two elements to remain motivating: a desirable incentive and a surmountable challenge. If the incentive is not something they want, your employees won’t try. If the challenges and demands of the program are too great, they will give up.


The best programs are the ones that push your employees without discouraging them. It will stretch them without deflating them, and will motivate them without burning them out. Your plan should be simple for them to grasp but challenging for them to perform.

Our travel agents can help you design a balanced incentive program to help you strike the perfect chord between your employees needs and your business goals.

On The Vine: Incentive Travel Agency

There are lots of steps required to set up an effective incentive program. An incentive travel company can help you design and arrange the perfect travel agenda that will inspire and motivate your employees.

At On The Vine, we enable business around the nation to increase their productivity and results with the help of personally designed incentive travel programs. If you’re looking at starting your own incentive program, we would love to partner with you. For more information, contact us today by giving us a call at (425)-678-2964 or by filling out our contact form.