About On The Vine

Here to help, not replace

We consider ourselves your teammates. We are here to help you plan an incredibly successful incentive program or employee rewards trip. Whether you are an executive assistant that needs to get an event coordinated, an HR rep tasked with planning and organizing a sales incentive program, or a CEO that wants to reward and motivate your employees, we are excited to work with you, offering all the perks and benefits that you'd expect, but with infinitely less hassle.

We have over 15 years of experience planning exciting, successful, motivating employee rewards programs and incentive travel for corporate companies throughout the United States and beyond. Our goal is your success — and we promise we'll deliver on that.

You get the advantage of our relationships & experience

On The Vine has created firm relationships with partners all over the globe. We know that whomever we connect you with is a reflection of our services, and we believe you deserve the best. When you work with On The Vine, you work with partners that we've hand chosen to serve you.


Where would you like to go? We've been there. This means that we know all the best places in order to find you the perfect destination. It might be an out of the way suburb of Paris, or a bustling high-end hotel in New York, but wherever you choose, you can be assured you've got the knowledge of our entire team behind you.


At On The Vine, we believe in fun and success. This means that everyone who joins our team has to have the same values. The end goal is YOUR success (and therefore, ours) with tons of fun along the way. After all, incentive travel and events are supposed to be fun — but also successful. It's our job to make sure that they are.

Now, tell us about your team.