Cruise Rewards Program

There is a reason that cruise rewards programs are one of the most popular forms of employee incentive travel. A cruise ship offers so many options that it are practically guaranteed to please a wide range of employees, whether it be your top performing salesmen, your marketing department, or the new trainees for the IT department.

But chartering a cruise isn’t as easy as you may think. Finding a reliable cruise line for competitive prices and ensuring that everything you need is arranged for takes time and knowledge — this is where On The Vine excels.

One Stop Shop

While a cruise ship definitely offers everything you need in one centralized location, this doesn’t mean that everything you need is arranged for simply by a quick phone call to charter the ship. In actuality, you’ve got a lot more to arrange and coordinate. You’ll need to investigate which activities are available for your employees, how the meal plan will work, which rooms can be available for your meetings or training sessions, and when the rooms will be booked. On the Vine can handle all of these details on your behalf, ensuring that you get all the accolades for your wildly successful cruise rewards program, while avoiding the stress of coordinating the details yourself.

Entertainment and Activities

One of the top reasons that cruise rewards programs are so popular among corporate companies, especially in the Seattle area, is that all activities are already provided and easily accessible. Most cruise ships offer such a wide array of activities and entertainment, so that there is something to please even the most eclectic group of employees. These activities range from mini-golf, swimming and sun-bathing, spas, rock climbing, game rooms, innumerable shows and performances — whatever your team needs. At On The Vine, we know how to charter a cruise that has something for everyone.

Transition from Business to Play

Cruise reward programs offer the unique benefit of easy transitions from work to relaxation for your team. Meeting room and centers are made to accommodate business travel groups. These rooms include Wi-Fi access, projectors with screens, conference call functionality, and even catering services.

Our experience and connections can also help you to stay cost-effective - book space for as little as an hour, or for 3 days straight with catered meals and drinks. Whatever your business needs to make this trip productive as well as rewarding, we can help you make it happen.

On Site Sleeping Accommodations

Once the meetings are over, however, you don’t have to worry about arranging ground transportation to a hotel or local entertainment. This extra step of planning is completely removed. This also helps to ensure that your team arrives on time for each meeting, and of course, offers everyone extra time for relaxation and fun.

Discover what luxury means.