Get Creative!

Entertain Differently:

Engage your attendees and larger stakeholder communities in fun and innovative ways:

  • Alternative Entertainment: Photo booths, photo walls and video booths.

  • Performance Painters: These artists create a painting while the audience watches and/or participates.

  • Theatrical Actors: Theatrical performers will utilize storytelling and your unique theme to foster a learning environment through audience development and participation.


  • The Art of the Dance: Street dance entertainers can put on a show as a duo, a small group or a large choreographed act, such as a Flash Mob. Performances by music trios, marching bands or opera singers can bring a short burst of musical energy.

  • Smartphone Selfie Wand: Hand out these wands and promote taking pictures of themselves and others while at the event. Encourage your attendees to use your customized hashtag and post them to Social Media.