Hotel and Venue Sourcing

When planning an incentive or group trip, choosing your venue and hotel can be one of the toughest choices. You need to be sure your chosen venue and hotel accommodations are conveniently located, secure, high-quality, and professional.

That is where we come in. We take all these factors and more into consideration as we help you make the best choices for your team. Let us worry about the vendor negotiations, site research and evaluation, and room and event availability, while you sit back and simply enjoy the benefits.

Industry Knowledge

With our extensive industry knowledge, we are able to help you choose the best location, hotels, and meeting spots to hold your event. With our years of experience and innumerable connections around the world, we know exactly how to find the best hotels and venues and yet negotiate a price that fits your budget. If you value the best quality when it comes to accommodations, our industry knowledge will ensure a truly spectacular delivery.

Vendor Negotiations

Vendor negotiations are a key element to the success of any corporate incentive or group travel event. And, as important as vendor negotiations are, it can also be a very time consuming task that rapidly eats up your time and energy. Our team at On The Vine has spent years building strong relationships with travel partners all around the globe. Having an ‘in’ with On The Vine will provide you with the best vendors and the best pricing and services available.

Saving you money in excess travel costs while still providing the luxury and services you expect — that’s our number one priority.

Destination Research and Inspection

Choosing the perfect destination for your corporate incentive trip or event is one the the most important aspects of the planning process. Your vision and our knowledge and partnerships combined with great team collaboration will guarantee a successful group travel event.

Some of the questions we ask ourselves include:

  • Is your destination accessible via multiple airlines or are there limited flight choices?
  • Are there other activities scheduled in the area or hotel at the same time as your event that may influence room availability, meeting space, ground transportation or airline ticket expense?
  • Could weather be a factor, such as hurricanes, raining season, or during the hot humid summer?
  • What activities are available at or around the hotel?

Event Planning

Whether it is planning a 100 person dinner, a gala to thank investors, or a fun casino night for your sales team, we are here to provide the planning and coordination from start to finish. Booking a rental space, hiring caterers, entertainment and speakers, and even providing audio/visual equipment are all included in our customized event planning services — a package we call ‘The Whole Shebang’. Our professional event planners meticulously plan each event, making sure even the smallest details are in place and providing innovative, cost-saving solutions.

Discover what luxury means.