Innovative Ideas

Put a Twist On Some Old Favorites:

  • On the back of the name badges, print the outline of your agenda. Also include the contact information of the meeting planner or event coordinator for easy access.


  • Go Green – Print your schedules on floral seeded card stock. Participants can take this home and plant it in their garden. It will provide a nice memory of the event.


  • Kind Gesture – Draw a name from your registration list and recognize an employee with a small gift or a handwritten card of appreciation. This will create a feeling of goodwill among your attendees, who likely spread the word during and after your event.


  • Want to Increase Your Survey Participation? With the On the Vine app, schedule your surveys to go out either during the morning or afternoon sessions electronically to attendees’ smartphones. By making it easy and convenient, you are likely to get additional involvement.