Planning Corporate Incentive Travel: 5 Reasons You Must Hire a Professional

Incentive and rewards travel programs are back on the rise. As more companies include incentive travel in their yearly budget, we continue to see growth in many key corporate incentive travel trends: all-inclusive resorts, family-friendly itineraries, and adventure-filled destinations.

Companies have been using travel programs as a way to reward their employees for many years, but should they continue planning them the same way they did in the past?

For small teams, internal management may be able to handle your president’s club or incentive trip planning for a few individuals. But when budgets grow to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, hiring a team of expert incentive travel planners is the only way to ensure that negotiations, communication, registration, venue sourcing, travel management, and many other complex aspects of planning a full trip are well taken care of.

With the ease of internet booking these days, it can be easy to hand the task of planning your corporate rewards travel program or President’s Club over to your administrator. However, a flawlessly planned and executed event requires experience and time that can only be found with true experts.

If you are planning an event the warrants this type of focus, continue reading as we cover five reasons you need to hire a professional event planner for your next corporate incentive travel event.

1. Budget

Creating and sticking to a reasonable budget can be very difficult. When planning travel incentive programs many pieces must come together: air travel, entertainment, hotel, meals, and logistics.

Full service event and travel companies have the experience to negotiate the best prices, keeping you in or under your budget, while providing your team with the trip they deserve. A skilled meeting, incentive, and events company has the resources and skills to make your company reward travel program even better than originally planned, without costing you extra money

2. Management

Although the trend of selecting all-inclusive venues is on the rise, this doesn’t eliminate the need for extensive planning and event management before, during, and after the event. Incentive trips are also becoming much less agenda focused. Companies are eliminating back-to-back conferences and meetings, choosing instead to plan trips that are more focused on rewarding employees, rather than stuffing them with training materials.

The lack of a full agenda is not only great for the employees but also for the budget, as equipment, speakers, and venues are not needed. However, if the trip isn’t managed correctly, the event could result in higher costs, lost focus, and less value to the attendees and company.

Not only can an experienced travel management and incentive company handle all the planning and organization of the event, they can also be available onsite to answer any questions or handle any problems that may arise during the trip. Corporate incentive travel and rewards companies also have existing relationships built with local contacts, venues, restaurants, and suppliers. This allows them to negotiate better rates or discounts while also ensuring that your team is setup with everything they need throughout their trip.

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3. Resources

An admin or internal events team may feel they can effectively plan a corporate incentive trip with the ease of use and resources available online. This may be true, but can they ensure they are receiving the best deals? Are they booking the right venues? Can they organize the tiniest details to ensure a flawless event to reward your team? Possibly, but that is going to take a lot of time, research, and learning curves.

Incentive event and travel management experts have the all the resources available at their fingertips. Having first-hand knowledge of the best destinations, venues, restaurants, and travel methods not only save you money, but also ensure a great trip!

4. Time

Planning an great trip takes time. You may think your admin or internal events team has the time to plan this, but consider the fact that they already work a 40-hour week. This means anything added to their plate either pushes other tasks off the schedule, or your employee is stuck working overtime.

A successful corporate incentive trip or president’s club event can take weeks or more to plan. Booking flights and hotel rooms is just a small part of it. Giving your team the trip they deserve means carefully planning every little detail down to full itineraries, event registration, and welcome packages.

A travel management team has the time to negotiate rates, meet with vendors, and plan team and individual activities. They also have the resources to set up online event registration, event app’s and contact venues and speakers on your behalf.

Your internal support team may have time for the basics of planning an incentive trip, but there’s so much more to it than that.

5. Creativity and Experience

Corporate and incentive travel planners have years of experience planning great events for all businesses and incentive events. They have the know-how on what works and what doesn’t. Don’t forget, they also have the insider’s scoop on the best locations, venues, restaurants, etc.

An incentive travel trip isn’t just another vacation; it is meant to motivate, reward, and inspire teams and companies. It takes a special group of experienced planners to understand the importance of these events and therefore, know the best method of planning.

Corporate meetings and incentive trips are important motivators for the team and company as a whole. If you are going to spend the money to reward your best employees, do it right. Hire a professional. Not only are you going to save money, but your team will walk away excited and ready to start working towards next years goals. What’s more important than a happy, motivated team?

On The Vine has years of experience planning meetings, incentives, and events for corporations of all types. When planning your next incentive rewards trip, let On The Vine take care of it.

Call us today for more information on how we can help make your company incentive trip or President’s Club a success.

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