Destination Management

Hotel and Venue Sourcing

Vendor negotiations with hotels and venues is often one of the most time consuming aspects for those trying to manage corporate incentive travel and events. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’d prefer not to worry about which hotel offers the best prices for the best rooms and which venue offers the best options with the lowest package price, we can help you out. We find the hotels that fit right within or below your price point, yet still offer the luxurious feel that you and your employees deserve. We source the best venues to suit the needs of your group.

We worry about the vendor negotiations and hotel headaches, but you get to keep all of the best partner perks.

Entertainment and Activities

When it comes to incentive travel, On The Vine is the best in ensuring that each and every one of your travellers gets exactly what they desire in entertainment and activities. Whether you’ve got a millennial crowd that can’t wait to tour the savannahs of Africa on a grand safari, or a laid-back crew that really values the relaxation of pool-side spas, we can tailor every incentive travel trip to precisely fit your needs. Itinerary management is what we do best.

Food and Beverage Coordination

For so many of us, one of the best allures of travel is the food. With new cultures come new experiences and new food and drinks! But when it comes to a new area, all this excitement can quickly turn to chagrin if you go to a less-than-delightful restaurant, or if you source your catering from the wrong service. We know trustworthy catering services and the best restaurants to give a delicious meal and delightful service.

Meals have to be healthy, fun, and creative while accommodating attendees’ more discerning palates and desire for local and sustainable fare.  We will plan and order each customized menu to your needs. Don’t miss out on the tastiest cultural experiences — let us coordinate your food and beverage for you.

Ground Transportation

Let’s not underestimate the importance of good ground transportation. Reliable, trustworthy ground transportation ensures that your trip runs smoothly. Whether your employees are traveling back to the airport, on their way to a local five-star restaurant, or even headed to a native Hula Kahiko dance class, they should feel confident that they will arrive safely and quickly. We offer all inclusive itinerary management that helps you get to the best places at just the right times.

So — where are we going?

Let us find your perfect destination.