The Whole Shebang

At On The Vine, we specialize in creating the ultimate travel experience for you and your team. After reaching their sales goals, project deadlines, or company objectives, a trip full of relaxation or adventure is the next thing on everyone’s mind. It’s time for some time off.

Often, companies looking to plan an incentive travel trip for their employees tend to segment their preparations among various vendors. But having one company handle your registration while another organizes your ground transportation arrangements leaves you interfacing with more people and having to spend precious time that you simply don’t have.

On The Vine offers a complete solution - a package that we like to call, “The Whole Shebang.” This package combines trip registration, travel arrangements, food and beverage coordination, ground transportation, activity planning, and all-around destination management.

Discover how our complete travel package can streamline your travel arrangement process and provide an exciting, well-planned trip for your employees.

The Whole Shebang: Trip Registration

We provide a full scale incentive travel online registration service so your employees can register for the trip and receive detailed information pertinent to their preparation, travel, and activities. Your team can use this online system to select the type of food they’d like, which activities they would like to participate in, and any other choices relevant to their individual incentive travel experience.

Our entire registration process is online, which removes the common problem of misinterpretation or mis-entering of information. You can be assured that your employees will have their preferences attended to, in order to provide for an all-around successful employee rewards program excursion.

The Whole Shebang: Travel Management

Booking flights, layovers, and other travel details on your own is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. At On The Vine, that’s where we shine. Our ability to book, confirm, and guarantee your travel plans will leave you feeling confident, without having to worry a bit. We’ll definitely keep you in the loop, but you won’t have to deal with the details - leave those to us!

With significant experience in the incentive travel business, we’ve honed our processes and we can assure you that our travel management services are exactly what you need to get your team where they need to go, in the most efficient and relaxed way possible.

The Whole Shebang: Destination Management

Once you’ve arrived at your spectacular destination, the next question is - what do you do now? On The Vine’s “Whole Shebang” package manages your destination plans as well as your travel plans. From hotels, accommodations, and shuttles from the airport to ground transportation to various attractions, food, and entertainment, we’ll handle everything.

The Whole Shebang: Technology Solutions

When you’re 3,000 miles away from home, the last thing that you want to deal with is technology mishaps. Our full service travel management package provides the technology solutions that you need to keep your event or incentive travel trip running smoothly. From providing projectors and other electronics, to creating online event apps and coordinating social media coverage, our incentive travel program management team will keep your event up and running the entire time.

What will your complete package look like?