President's Club

Managing President’s Club Incentives

Corporate President’s Clubs, Chairman’s Club, and Achiever Clubs are powerful tools to motivate and encourage sales team members to aim higher and hit bigger goals. At On The Vine, we can help make these incentive programs even more effective. We offer presidents club travel and event planning, but also tracking and reporting tools that show performance levels and goals. These help to keep your team informed on who are the top performers, and who can expect to be rewarded with an incentive trip.

How Do I Create a Successful Corporate President’s Club Incentive Program?

All employees respond to encouragement and rewards differently. This is why it is important to create a President’s Club that incorporates many different components. Here are some of the ways we create an effective, profitable incentive trip:

  1. Plan an amazing trip that will appeal to as many employees as possible - High employee participation and enthusiasm for the program will ensure the highest results.

  2. Set achievable sales goals -  All sales members who reach the set goal become a part of the President’s Club and are rewarded with the trip.

  3. Track and monitor program results - Using a tracking system that makes program goal tracking clear to the sales team will encourage participation.

Let On The Vine Plan Your Next President’s Club Incentive Trip

On The Vine is available to plan and organize both your event, and your tracking and reporting tools from start to finish. We’ll provide you with a variety of recommended options, and let you choose the location, activities, meals, etc. that your sales team finds most motivating. Then, simply let us take care of the rest. From airline tickets, hotel, ground transportation to entertainment, we take care of even the smallest details to ensure the perfect trip for your every member of your President’s Club.

Let's motivate your team!